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Vaporizer Juice Extractor – How to Use a Vaping Liquidizer

The Vaporizer Juice Extender is a new product that has recently hit the market and is causing quite a stir. Some people are very angry because they have to purchase something else to ingest their juice. Others don’t mind the hassle, because they believe it is a healthy alternative to smoking. I decided to do some research on this product to see how it works and if it is right for everyone. Since I am an advocate for healthier living,¬†

The Benefits of the Vaporizer Juice Extender

As with any liquid consumed, your body receives nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids from the vegetable and fruit juices. These nutrients enhance your health, but unfortunately you can only absorb so much at a time. When you smoke, you are taking a hit to your health every second you are puffing on a cigarette. If you were to drink one cup of juice per day, you would be getting a little less than you normally would, because of the amount of juice you are taking in. By purchasing the Vaporizer Juice Extender, you are consuming more juice than you normally would, without taking a hit to your health.

The Vaporizer Juice Extender 

I know this may sound confusing, but it isn’t when you understand how this system works. When you take a sip of the Wax liquidizer, your juice goes into the processor located on the side. Then, the processor cools it off to make sure no harmful heat is formed and then it is ready to be placed in your favorite glass or bottle. You’re not drinking juice that has been heated to temperatures that will destroy the nutrients, but you aren’t drinking juice that tastes like oranges either. The Vaporizer Juice Extender makes it possible for you to get all of the benefits of the juice you love, while avoiding the harsh elements of the process.

Some people believe that juice that has been heated is not pure enough for optimal consumption. However, this is not true. Depending on which type of processor your unit uses, it is possible to extract 100% of the juice’s natural nutrients. This is the ultimate in juicing.

With traditional juicers, you have to strain out the juice before you drink it. This is a hassle, especially if you like to take multi-colored juices, or multi-grain juices. Now, you can drink your favorite juice without any straining. With the Vaporizer Juice Extender, you will never have to worry about wasting your money or time in the matter of squeezing your juice.

The Vaporizer Juice Extender will also help you avoid acidic juices that you may otherwise love to take. There are many juices that can be acidic, such as cranberry juice, grape juice, and even some fruit juices. When you add citric acid to this juice, it can take out quite a bit of the good nutrients in your juice. But with the Vaping Liquidizer, you can easily make your favorite juices and avoid the acidity associated with them.

If you aren’t ready to make a completely new juice blend, but still want to enjoy the benefits of it, you can use the Vaporizer Juice Extractor to take out some of the tartness from your juice. All you need to do is put a few drops of extractor fluid into the reservoir of your Liquidizer for Wax. Then, put your favorite blend into the reservoir, and press down until you get a pourable consistency of juice. You can then use the valve on the side to pour your liquidizer fluid over the fruits or vegetables that you are blending. It will give the fruit or vegetable an extra kick and make it taste better. However, you can mix up to six ounces of fruit juice to one ounce of extractor fluid to create different flavors of your choice.

Finally, you should note that the vaporizer is very easy to clean. A cloth or paper towel should do the trick for this. If not, simply take out the drip basket and wash it in running water. Just be sure to rinse well with running water, to ensure your vaporizer is always clear. The vaporizer is not very heavy, so it shouldn’t take too much to clean.


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