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The Top Aspects to Remember when Selecting a Plant Hire Service

A construction company that hires rather than buys its plant equipment often gets more advantages. Whilst it’s true that for some companies, buying outright may make more sense, for the majority of construction companies, hiring is really the best way to ensure the growth of the company in the long term. It’s about avoiding risk, unnecessary headaches in terms of maintenance and storage, easy cash flow planning, and getting the best material available.

However, whilst hiring plant equipment is often the best choice, it’s important for the construction company to find the right plant hire service. The plant hire service becomes a significant partner in many ways. So how do you find the right one? Here are the top aspects to remember when selecting a plant hire service.


Getting the best price is not always the best solution – but neither is paying too much; it’s a matter of weighing quality versus cost, and in the construction business this means price versus efficiency. How long will the work take with the machine on offer, and how will this period of time affect the overall project? It’s best to check with several companies and see what’s on offer, and then make some calculations.


When we talk about quality, we mean not only the kind of equipment you’re getting (is it up-to-date and can it be used for different tasks?), but also whether the equipment has been past its prime, and whether or not the machine is expected to perform well considering its condition (and the conditions on the worksite).


The kind of service you get is an important factor; if your partner, such as Ruttle, a supplier of plant hire in Preston, can offer you quick and reliable maintenance services as well as get you in touch with suppliers of materials or companies specialising in the disposal of garbage and debris, it may be worth checking.


A company that is close to the worksite may offer you better service in terms of reliability and local knowledge.

Safety and insurance

Repair and maintenance can be difficult subjects, but when there are enough safety and insurance provisions in the contract, they generally work out well.

Of course, there is one more important thing to consider: the risks and the possible disputes that may arise. Perhaps it all comes back to service, but in the end you need to be comfortable with the communication you have with the potential plant hire service, and you need to be clear with all aspects of the contract (so make sure you read the fine print). A partnership is founded on trust and ensuring promises and obligations are met, so be clear at all times. Finding a great plant hire service is invaluable to your success, so take your time to look around and choose wisely.

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