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How Technology Can Be Useful for Startups

In today’s era where technology is a major key for business growth, being a Luddite isn’t going to take you and your business anywhere.

Throughout this article, we are going to be discussing how technology can be a game-changer for you and can help your startup succeed.

Technology is fast becoming a tool for survival both for business and your personal life. We are surrounded by it. It is a tool that inspires new ideas, helps you strategize your business model, and helps to enhance growth.

while some ignore technology in their personal life, doing the Same to a business isn’t an option. Studies have shown that almost 20% of startups find it hard to make it through the first year. Using the right tools and gadgets can boost your chances of succeeding in your industry.

If you are serious about staying ahead of the competition, you should take a look at how technology can boost your operation in the following ways.

Strengthening Team Onboarding

Onboarding is essential for a successful startup, but it is something that not many companies are good at. According to a report, only 12% of the respondent can boast of their company doing a great job of hiring new members on board. But for you, the great news is that technology can help to improve a second-rate onboarding experience into the kind that ensures that a new employee is a success. 

Do proper research on the available application that can help solve issues surrounding onboarding. For example, particular applications add new employees to the company’s existing applications like Gmail, LinkedIn, and many others, this ensures that the new employees are up to date and aren’t left behind on any current activities. It also incorporates your company’s HR system.

With technology, New employees get to be introduced to their colleagues before even arriving on their first day. A current study has proven that up to 30% of new hires end up leaving their jobs within 90 days. 

With the right systems in place, you can buck those statistics and help your company save money with an onboarding process that’s recognized for transparency and vision. The link below has some useful ways tech can be of great benefit to small businesses. 


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Almost all the products and services that we use daily functions with the assistance of APIs. An APIs is an interface that allows the software’s to access the different data’s that it needs to effectively function. What this means is that with APIs, different systems interact with one another to gather a huge number of information from different sources.

If not for APIs, having the luxury to search for flights and hotels online would be very difficult. A lot of major companies now rely on the use an APIs, for example, Twitter uses it to share the information being uploaded on its platform to reach a wider audience.

also, developers are given a suite of APIs to assist businesses in creating and managing a marketing campaign this makes their business grow by the revenue that it allows them to generate. There are tips here on how to use APIs to maximize growth.

Smaller enterprises are now being encouraged to use this technology for their brand, for it can be a great solution for increasing customer base and exposing their business to a lot more audience. A simple way of utilizing the power of technology is to connect your business with services that can boost your reach. 

For example, Uber connected with TripAdvisor and Openable so as people can book a ride when they have plans for a day out or anything regarding such. Creating these online connection networks is a perfect way to expose your business to a lot more customers.

Auto-pay system

Most businesses are now adopting auto-pay systems to replace the crude cash-based transaction. With the increase in demand for these payment systems, a business will have to take advantage of the benefits it provides to them.

Some big tech names, for example, Spotify, use these services to enhance their growth. The functions of an auto-pay system make it possible for an easier and more convenient way for customers to engage with their services. This gives them an edge over competitors who do not use these payment options.

There are current innovations that allow companies to provide the best services for their customers. for example, Apple pay allows customers to use their mobile devices for transactions, it improves their efficiency and also enhances growth. With the current change in demand, you must adjust to the trend to provide your business with a sought-after service.

Cloud Services

For some years now, they have been growing in cloud services and that has made it a lot simpler for businesses to manage and control their internal operations, without having personnel or having their system to do so. 

Cloud services make it possible for a firm to operate more efficiently by providing a platform where they can store and access information at any given time, eliminating the need to spend time and resources on basic procedures. You can learn more about cloud services from the link below. 


Streamline and Saving Cost

Most entrepreneurs and top businesses use tech to streamline and save money. When trying to startup, it important that you watch costs and also try to increase your profit margin as high as you can. For example, take a look at the restaurant and food industry. 

According to a report by the USDA over 130 billion pounds of food is thrown away each year, and that is mainly waste from restaurants and stores. Not to include the fact that it is a concern for the environment, it is also a very huge loss for the respective establishments. 

By implementing inventory management services, restaurants find it easier to track their stock. This will prevent over-purchasing, and reduce waste.

Project management software makes it possible for projects to finish within the required time, and this maximizes resources. Everyone benefits from this even HR.

To make a startup a success, you have to outsmart your competitors, maximize your opportunities, and follow the current trend. This wouldn’t be easy without staying on top of current technologies.

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