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How to Take the $500 Challenge With Merchant Account Solutions

If you’re interested in finding the most cost-efficient ways to keep your business running, you need to check out the $500 challenge from Merchant Account Solutions. This payment processing provider is so confident they will be able to save you money on your current processing arrangement, they’ll pay you $500 if it turns out not to be true. This is in addition to other great services they offer, like free access to equipment and Clover POS systems from some of today’s top manufacturers.

How to Access the Challenge

All you need to do to start the $500 challenge is sign up for it on the MAS web site. There’s a link to fill out a contact form, and once you do, your information will be sent to a staff member in charge of outreach. From there, the company will work with you to determine whether the company can save you money. If your new rate will be less than your old one, or if your equipment costs go down enough to give you the net savings you need, then you will be able to make the change. Otherwise, once it’s been determined that your old provider saved you the most, you’ll get your $500.

Access to Today’s Best Point of Sale Systems

One of the reasons MAS is so confident in their ability to save customers money is because they offer you the opportunity to take every payment method, and they provide you with access to great payment options that include today’s top point-of-sale platforms.

  • Clover POS systems
  • Revel Systems
  • Verifone Ruby
  • PC America
  • SmartSwipe
  • Linga POS

For more information about the challenge, or to look at the options available for your next point of sale system, check out the Merchant Account Services website. There are even options for traditional payment processing terminals and virtual terminal software.

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