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How Much Does it Cost to Start an LLC?

An LLC or Limited Liability Company is one of the more common business structures used by new business owners. These companies are provided with tax savings and flexibility. In many states, an LLC is inexpensive and easy to form, with most states allowing business owners to form LLC online. It is very inexpensive starting a single member LLC in this way.

LLC Filing Fees

When registering an LLC with the state, filing fees are involved. You’ll find a wide variation in fees going from one state to the next. To learn the fees and requirements for your particular state, contact your Secretary of State’s office. Be aware, additional money is required if you are requesting a certified copy of your Articles of Incorporation.

LLC Name Reservation

The name of your LLC is required to be reserved with your Secretary of State office. As part of your filing process, many states perform a name search, but your name registration may be rejected if a similar name is already in use and this may cost additional fees for refiling. To avoid this cost, see if your LLC name is available beforehand by checking with your Secretary of State office. You may also register your business name with your state’s Department of State or U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This would incur a separate fee to complete.

Additional Fees

Depending on what state you live in, a notification may need to be published about the formation of an LLC in that state. This can be expensive in some locations. Also, you may need a registered agent if your LLC is not physically located in the state where you are registering.

Online Services

Filing for LLC formation of your business can be a complex task, which is why many online services, such as GovDocFiling, are available to help. In addition to safe, simple, and quick filing for LLC formation, GovDocFiling offers Gov Doc Filing online as well. Get your EIN the same day when applying online on their website.

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