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5 Link Building Myths That You Should Know About

The significance of link building for SEO is known to all, considering the fact that links are a major ranking factor used by Google. Even while it is confirmed that getting a page ranked without backlinks is practically impossible, there are several myths and misconceptions that shroud this strategy. This is probably because of the ever-changing search algorithms of the search engines. If you want to do backlinking in the right way, here are some popular myths and misconceptions that need to be dispelled.

  1. Link building is going to be dead soon

If you believe that this strategy is losing its potential and might soon be dead, you are absolutely wrong. Perhaps, it has earned a bad reputation due to its time-taking results, spamming and penalties but it is here to stay for good. Link building continues to be one of the key ranking factors and should not be ignored at any cost.

  1. All backlinks are good

A common notion is that all backlinks are good for your website’s health but this myth that needs to be cleared out. Too many of them can do more harm than good and so can spammy ones. Conducting a backlink analysis is a must to ensure that you retain and build only those that add value to your site. You can trust Submitcore’s link building to help you have only the good ones for your website.

  1. Content quality does not matter

Another misconception that can hinder your link building strategy is that content quality does not make any difference. This is one fact that you should get straight because there is no substitute to high-quality, informative content when it comes to fetching high search ranking. Moreover, it can help you get backlinks from quality guest posting. So content is something that really fuels up your website.

  1. Nofollow links have zero value

Nofollow links are generally discouraged because it is believed that they have zero value from the SEO point of view. However, the fact is that they can get you significant traffic through referrals, which is again advantageous for your site provided that these come from a genuine source. It is important that you recognize them as a part and parcel of your natural backlink profile.

  1. Multiple links from same source are useless

This is another common misconception as people think that getting multiple links from the same source could lead to a penalty from Google. If you have quality content on your site, you can build multiple links from the same source to boost your site’s traffic. You can even try getting links from sites from different niches.

Link building is a simple strategy but the results that it can bring for your business website are far reaching. So it becomes essential to know all your basics and do it right. Besides ensuring that you do not follow any of these myths, always focus on the quality and sustainability of the backlinks that you build. After all, this is an investment for your business and you would definitely want it to bring long-term results.

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