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4 Reasons Why IT Support Is Critical to SMEs

SMEs are usually stretched financially. Trying to find the money for all departments that need funding while still growing and remaining profitable is a challenge that CEOs regularly face at organizations of this size. Not all the reasons to have IT support available are obvious right away. To provide some greater clarity, here are 4 reasons why it’s critical to companies. 

Reason 1 – Continued Productivity Across the Workforce

When employees are so reliant on using a computer and accessing software and online services to get work done, any interruption to it stops all work in its tracks. No longer do we have paper files for most things or alternative backup methods for an employee to stay productive – it’s all computerized!

So, when something goes wrong, a solution is needed, and it’s needed fast. Without appropriate IT support within the organization, or through a professional third-party, the wheels will quickly start to fall off. 

Reason 2 – Ensuring Cyber Security is Maintained

Security is a major threat to the continuity of business at present. With the ongoing and increasing threat from hackers and cybercriminals, letting down the defenses is likely to create administrative headaches down the line. A company like SafeBit Solutions can offer security solutions and IT support to keep their clients stay safe from a digital bad actor’s intent on ruining their business day. Having a firm like this on your side provides peace of mind but also substantially reduces the likelihood of anything negative occurring. 

Reason 3 – Not Needing to Maintain a Larger IT Department

For SMEs, a dedicated IT department is expensive to maintain. Not only that, but a single employee or even a handful of people aren’t going to cover every facet of the technical requirements needed by most small businesses. 

To get around the issue of needing a gaggle of skilled personnel who specialize in their respective areas, it’s necessary to recruit a sizable department. This isn’t always practical when, for each discipline, only a few hours each week are needed to perform the necessary work. 

One alternative is to use third-party service providers that have a full team of staff and can provide a comprehensive solution at an affordable cost. This is often less expensive than a large in-house team and the space needed to house them. 

Reason 4 – IT Support is Available Around the Clock

The idea of 24/7 IT support is nice in theory, but it can more than double the workforce to achieve it. When it’s needed but the support will only be called upon occasionally, this becomes extremely problematic. 

For companies that have legitimate reasons to need 24/7 access to IT support, it’s better to have a third-party provider offer this service. While it may not be necessary to have the same people provide the same service during daytime office hours, communication between the in-house and hired service provider ensures effective overlapping coverage without the inconvenience of having many employees on-call at unsociable hours

While not every SME requires IT support, many can benefit from it. It also doesn’t cost as much as a CEO thinks it will, which is the good news. 

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