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Will Be Samsung Able To Gain Customer Trust?

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year was a major disappointment to say the least, and the numerous problems the device had caused Samsung to discontinue its production.

The fact that one of the biggest problems people had with the Galaxy Note 7 was that the device was prone to catching fire, which injured a few users, causing a lot of bad public relations for Samsung. The question now is will Samsung be able to overcome the public distrust they have rightfully earned and win back their consumers’ confidence?

While some big companies have had to recall products in the past, what really hurt Samsung was the fact that after they issued a recall for the device, the replacement units they sent out also ended up having many of the same issues, which led consumers to worry about the company’s ability to release a safe product.

According to research, the loss of the Galaxy Note 7 will cost Samsung somewhere around $2.7 billion, which will definitely affect the company’s bottom line.

Even if Samsung addresses all the safety concerns with their products from here on out, the public perception of the company may affect sales of the other products they make, which could be harmful to the company in the long run.

Despite the recent bad news, all hope is not lost. Companies like Toyota, Volkswagen and others have been able to overcome the bad press that came from recalls, and are flourishing right now.

The first order of business is for Samsung to get proactive in this situation, the company has to get all the people that bought the Galaxy Note 7 to trade the phablet in for another phone. This includes the people who would rather keep the phone than turn it in.

By being proactive, Samsung will be able to prevent anyone else from getting seriously injured because of the Galaxy Note 7, and it will also save them from having to spend money on lawsuits that will pile up if people continue using the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung shouldn’t stick to just replacing the Galaxy Note 7 because a lot of the people that bought it also bought accessories to go along with the phablet. To prove they care about their customers, Samsung needs to also make sure people that bought accessories to go with the phablet are reimbursed for the extra stuff as well.

Another way Samsung can keep their customers and even attract new ones in the wake of the Galaxy Note disaster, is to make the Samsung Galaxy S 8 as appealing as possible.

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