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What is the best way to connect with an elderly person?

Whether you’re trying to relate to a grandparent or you have elderly family friends, you may find that as you both age, it feels as if you two have less in common. Regardless of how things may seem, you can still find new ways to connect with your elderly friends and family.

Connecting with Aging Loved Ones

Don’t let your relationship with your aging loved ones fall to the wayside simply because you aren’t sure how to relate to them. Use the following tips to better relate to your elderly friends and family:

1. Don’t Offer Advice Unless You’re Asked To

There’s a certain dynamic between you and your elders. Whether they’re a family or a friend, receiving unsolicited advice from someone younger than them will likely make them uncomfortable. This is especially true for adult children talking to their aging parents.

Regardless of whether you are taking care of your loved one or are just taking on the role of a companion, do your best to avoid becoming an “advisor”. Instead, focus on offering support, encouragement, and love.

2. Listen to What They Say

It’s common for people to get impatient with older people. Whether they take longer to finish their thoughts or are repeating the same stories over and over, it’s important that you take the time to listen to what they say. The give and take in conversation is necessary as you try to strengthen your relationship.

As you make it a point to truly hear out your loved one, it is also essential that you make time to speak with them regularly. Many family members and friends use Opel phones for seniors to connect with their elderly loved ones on a regular basis. By scheduling frequent calls throughout the week, your loved one will truly feel as though you want to hear what they have to say.

3. Understand You’ll Have Different Opinions

Though you have a close bond with your elderly loved ones, it is a guarantee that you will have differences of opinions on some things. Though you won’t agree on everything, don’t let this negatively affect your relationship. Learn to respect your loved ones’ opinions as you work to build a better connection with them.

If you find that you both don’t agree on something, try to hear each other out. Working together to make a compromise is an important part of growing your relationship with one another.

4. Speak Clearly and Distinctly

While some aging adults don’t want to admit they have trouble hearing, the reality is that as we get older, our bodies don’t work quite as well as they used to. For this reason, it’s important to take the initiative to speak clearly and distinctly when having conversations with your elderly loved ones. While you shouldn’t speak sternly, do make sure that they can hear you.

A difference in age needn’t make your elderly loved ones unapproachable. Do your best to rekindle your relationship with your aging friends and family by following these four tips.

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