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Understanding How to Reduce Video File Size

As you’re probably aware the file size of videos can get very large and take up much more space than other types of media. In some cases the file size of videos can become a problem – as it could fill up your storage space, make it more difficult and time-consuming to transfer, or run into issues with attachment file size limitations on email and other platforms.

That is why it helps to understand how to reduce video file size, and for that you should focus on two areas in particular:

  • Format (codec)

The video codec is generally what determines what type of compression is used, and how effective it is. Newer codecs tend to offer better compression, and the most widely used are the H.264 and H.265 codecs.

If possible you should encode your video using either of these codecs and a compression-friendly container such as MP4 or MKV. Just remember the H.265 codec is still relatively new, and not as widely-compatible as H.264 – though it will produce smaller file sizes with the same quality.

  • Bitrate

Another factor that affects the file size and quality of the video is its bitrate, which is generally the amount of data that is used by the video every second. It can be complicated to understand, but the most important thing is that a lower bitrate will produce a smaller file size – but it will also affect the quality of the video.

The bitrate is related to the resolution and framerate of the video – so sometimes balancing out all three may help produce videos that appear to have the best quality while still maintaining an acceptable file size.

To convert the format and adjust the bitrate of your videos you should try using Movavi Video Converter. All it will take is a couple of minutes for you to add a video, select the format that you want to use, and click ‘Convert’ to get started. Additionally you can adjust the output file size and it will automatically adjust the bitrate to match, so that you can reduce it by as much as you want.

Of course Movavi Video Converter can do much more than just reduce the file size of videos, and you can convert and optimize videos, audio files, and images. In fact you will also be able to edit your videos, create animated GIFs, extract audio tracks, and more.

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