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Top Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Inkjet Printer

Whether you have an inkjet printer that is designed for home use or for business use, there is nothing more frustrating than needing to print out an important file or document, only to discover that your printer isn’t working properly. A printer is something you tend to use and not give much thought about until it acts up and then you’re left wondering what you’ll do, how you can fix it, and if it can be fixed at all.

So, before you find yourself in this situation, it can be helpful to be aware of red flags and warnings that your printer may be acting up or is getting ready to die on you. At least this will give you a chance to act before you’re stuck in a frustrating position.

The Quality of the Printing Isn’t Good Enough

There comes a point in every printer’s life where it just isn’t up to par anymore where quality is concerned. Sure, the quality might have seemed great a couple of years ago, but as technology changes, your standards change with the times. You expect more from your electronic devices even as they age. If you find the print is no longer sharp enough, the printer isn’t fast enough, or you’re seeing lines and bars in your pages, then there’s a good chance you’re in need for a new printer.

It Can’t Handle the Volume You Need to Print

It could be that when you first bought your printer you didn’t need to print much, but over time, your needs have changed. If you reach the point where your volume has greatly increased and your printer can no longer keep up, then this is another sign that it’s time to start looking for a new model. You’re either going to get frustrated that it can’t keep up with your needs or you’ll end up overworking the machine, which will cause it to break down.

The Noise is Too Much

Just like with other electronic devices, your printer can get noisy as time passes. It can reach a certain point where the noise is just incredibly distracting and annoying. This isn’t something you can repair. Rather, it is a sign of wear and tear in the machine.

The Printer Doesn’t Have the Features You Need

Today’s popular inkjet printers offer features such as wireless and USB connectivity, are able to handle large quantities, are sleek and small in design, and are relatively quiet, such as the popular HP Envy 4500. As you’ll discover from the HP Envy 4500 review in Argyle Free Press, this one offers all the most sought-after features for an at-home printer. If your current model doesn’t offer the features you need, then there’s no changing it – your only option is to upgrade.

Being Proactive in Your Printer Needs

Being aware of the red flags and signs to watch for will allow you to be proactive with your printer needs and ensure you aren’t left high and dry unexpectedly.

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