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Tips To Create a Work/Life Balance

Creating a work/life balance these days is becoming much harder to do. Technology is making us accessible 24 hours a day, and fears of losing your job can incentivise you to work more hours than you usually would. This kind of

stress compounds, and a workday which never ends is damaging, hurting our health, overall happiness, and relationships. Here are some tips to help you find a balance that’s right for you.

Perfectionism Be Gone!

Many overachievers have developed tendencies towards perfectionism at a young age, when demands on their available time were still manageable, consisting of school, hobbies, and, maybe, an after-school job.

As you grow up, life gets a lot more complicated, and, as your family commitments grow and you’re climbing the corporate ladder, your responsibilities increase. Perfection becomes more difficult to achieve, and if your habit regarding it is left unchecked, it can become a destructive force.

Unplug Your Devices

From programmes and apps that make work easier to telecommuting, technology has helped us in many ways. But it has also created an expectation that we’re always accessible.

The workday never ends, and there are times when you need to put your smartphone away and live in the moment. Of course you can make exceptions: enjoying a spot of Australian sports betting or other relaxation activities on your device can be a good idea, but make sure there’s a line drawn between work and play.

Make Time for Exercise and Meditation

As busy as we may be, we manage to make time for the non-negotiables. We eat, we sleep, and we go to the bathroom. And yet, one of the most important needs we have, exercise, is generally the first thing to go when our calendars start filling up.

Exercise is a very effective method to reduce stress, and the feel-good endorphins it pumps through us lifts our mood and can even operate as a one-two punch by putting us in a meditative state, more equipped to handle obstacles as they arrive.

Adding meditation to your daily schedule on top of a workout regime is the best solution, since it doubles all the good effects regular physical exertion offers.

Limit Time-Wasters

Make a list identifying what’s important in your life. This list will be different for everyone, so make certain it reflects your own priorities and not anyone else’s.

Next, draw solid boundaries that allow you to devote your time to the people and activities that have been determined to be high-priority. From that point it’s easy to divide your time between the most important tasks and remove the non-essentials.

Adjust Your Life’s Structure

All of us are guilty of falling into a rut, and allowing the assumption that our habits are set in stone to take over. Whether that’s bad eating habits, being a couch potato ad watching too many movies, or procrastinating when you have important personal and professional tasks that will help you achieve your goals.  

Take a birds-eye-view of where you are at right now, and determine what changes could make your day-to-day living that much easier.

Instead of trying to do it all perfectly, focus on the activities that you specialise in and find most meaningful, and delegate everything else.

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