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Tips for Online Marketing on a Tight Budget

The internet is so diverse to the point where users now have complete control over what they want to see and interact with online. As a result, it has become very difficult to attract attention, particularly if you are on a tight budget. Follow these tips for an effective online marketing campaign on a tight budget.

Know Your Target Market

Your online marketing strategy won’t be successful if you don’t know your target audience. Come up with a list of items your target audience like or dislike, their demographic composition, age group and buying power. Once you know your target audience, determine how and where you can reach them without spending so much money. This may include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other relevant platform.

Look for Endorsements

Many businesses look for endorsements by international celebrities. However, instead of looking for a superstar to endorse your business, you can contact a celebrity in your neighborhood. This could be an unsung hero like a preacher, teacher or a resident who is doing something popular in the area. Reach out to them via a phone call or email and offer them a sample of your products or services. Request them to provide a positive feedback of their experience on their social media accounts or as part of a blog post on your website.

Use Local Pay-Per-Click Adverts

Instead of looking for a big advertisement company, you can partner with a PPC management firm to help you get more traffic and customers. You can use a PPC campaign to target customers at all stages. Begin the PPC campaign by focusing on the specific keywords your target customers often type when they are to buy. You can also customize the campaign based on location, time and language.

Feature on a Popular Niche Blog

You can improve your marketing prospects by featuring on the front page of a popular marketing niche. Look for websites and blogs that feature topics related to your target market and ask the owners if you could contribute one or two articles to their readers. Start by giving the owners some of your products to provide as gifts to their readers. After that, send them the topics you want to write about and explain to them why they would benefit the readers.

Create YouTube Videos

About 800 million people watch YouTube every day. Attracting even a fraction of YouTube audience can make a big difference to your business. For effective results, make videos that go beyond your products or thoughts. Your videos should feature keyword-researched headlines, editorial messages and call-to-actions. You don’t have to buy an expensive camera and editing software to make a perfect video on YouTube. Just use the camera on your smartphone.

Leverage Social Media

Just like YouTube, social media has an incredibly large audience. Open a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account and use them to interact with your prospective customers. Give people a reason to follow you by providing engaging content and answering their questions promptly.

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