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Tips to Improve Your SEO Articles to Promote Your Website

Writing general articles is different from writing articles meant for promotional purposes online. You need to be familiar with SEO or search engine optimisation, as your goal is not only to write a quality article but ensure that a lot of people will see what you wrote. When people are looking for information, they type specific keywords in Google; ideally, you want the link to what you wrote to come out first. These are some tips to help you achieve your goals.

Start with keyword research

You need to have the right keywords in your article, so understanding what keywords people type when searching for information is significant. You want to have these keywords present in the article so that it will be among the links considered when ranking the pages in Google. However, you need to avoid overwhelming the write-up with keywords that do not look natural.

Use the keywords strategically

Find a way to insert the keywords in the article where they make sense. You will need to embed the links in these keywords that lead back to your site and therefore, you want them not to look forced. You could also write a variation of these keywords if you are struggling to insert them naturally.

Don’t write only for the sake of using the keywords

Although you are writing using the keywords that people are searching for, you don’t want to obsess about them as you still want to have something interesting and exciting to say. You need articles that people will care about; otherwise, even if your link appears on the first page of Google, no one will open it. Also, if they do, they will quickly move on to the next page because they did not like what you wrote. It will eventually affect how people see your site.

Consider word count

You want the articles to be long enough that everything you want to say is present, but not too long that people will feel bored reading. These days, more people prefer watching videos or looking at infographics than reading so you don’t want to take up too much of their precious time by writing an extremely long and tedious article.

Take time to edit your work

Regardless of the nature of your article, you need to take the time to proofread your work as people won’t believe what you wrote if it has tons of errors. Even if you researched the facts thoroughly and you have something interesting to say, you will lose their interest with a simple grammar error. If you are with a team of writers, you can also ask them to double check your work for potential errors before publication so even though you might have to rush sending information out there for people to see, you can’t use something filled with mistakes.

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