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Solitaire World Championships

Solitaire was a popular game before the internet was even thought of. Back then, you played with real cards and it was a bit long winded setting them up to play. Then along came the Internet and one of the first things that came with it was online games. It was in 1990 that Microsoft first developed solitaire for play online and it was an instant success. Now the cards were ready for each game at the click of a button on your PC, and it recorded your past performances. At the time, this seemed amazing; this new technology that not only allowed us to play our favorite game but did so with no hassle.

Then came smartphones that made our PC’s seem old fashioned. Now, we can do everything on the move and from an app with no signing in. The app knows who we are from the device that is being used, as long as it is the same one you were using when you very first downloaded it.

Microsoft Solitaire World Championship 2015

In 2015, Microsoft realized it was 25 years since they had first launched solitaire and decided to mark the anniversary with the Solitaire World Championship. Round one was played among their staff; round two was pitting the winners from the workers against anyone, anywhere in the world that wanted to take part. The Solitaire championship did not have cash prizes, as Microsoft did not want it to be a poker style tournament.

As well as the traditional solitaire game, Free Cell, Spider Solitaire, Tripeaks, Pyramid, and Klondike Solitaire were all added to the championship.

Transferring Traditional Games For Online Play

Solitaire is not the only traditional game that has been transferred to the Internet successfully. Games such as Scrabble, Chess, Draughts, Chinese Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, Dots, and many others now have online versions. In fact, there are not many games that you cannot play on your smartphone, tablet or PC. You no longer need to set up a board with all the pieces; just switch on your device and play away. For most of them, you have the choice to either play against the computer, or to play live with other people, who could be in any part of the world.

Even pub games such as Dominoes, Shove Ha’Penny, Snooker, and Darts can be played over the internet, as can most sports, including Football, Cricket, and Tennis.

Other Game World Championships

World championships have become a popular way of creating communities that can enjoy playing the games with each other. Scrabble and Chess both have their world champions, and the trend has spread to various other areas, such as online casino games, where there is now a world championship for Poker and Blackjack among others.

Some of these tournaments have huge cash prizes, and with some of them, you win little more than recognition of your skills. However, for most people, the prize is not the main consideration; they take part for the fun of playing and winning is a bonus.

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