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How to Reach Local Audiences in Search Results

Many businesses fail to understand just how important local audiences can be in overall performance. Whether you measure performance in sales, visitors, or subscriptions, it can be all too easy to think and aim big. This leads many brands to focus on larger audiences in the hopes of reaching as many people as possible.

However, local search results can be just as influential for websites as bigger and broader SERPs. There are many reasons for this, including that targeting a series of smaller niches can have more impact and be conquered more easily than targeting larger, more contested ones.

Today, let’s examine how your brand or business can reach local audiences in search results and reap the rewards of this niche form of traffic.

Target Mobile Devices

Arguably, a greater percentage of those browsing local search results are doing so from mobile devices than for search results as a whole. This is because localised results are often done while on-the-go: whether it be a local restaurant, shop or service provider, people who search locally tend to need information and solutions fast.

Brands that target mobile devices – by providing responsive mobile design, easy navigation, and ample contact information – will be far more likely to rank highly in local search results. Even for services related to local search engine optimisation this is true: take one look at Search Engine Optimisation Coventry in Google results, for instance, and you’ll see that the top contenders are optimised for mobile.

Create Locally Relevant Content

In order to be visible in any search results, content is usually necessary. Search engines value websites and blogs that create consistent amounts of content and reward them accordingly.

For brands that want to target specific local results, it is imperative that you not only identify the SERPs you wish to target but create content that complements these keywords and phrases. By producing content that is relevant to the SERP and possesses a local relevance as well, you’ll be able to generate more visibility for your brand in local results.

Promote via Ads

Any brand can reach a local audience immediately by marketing themselves through paid campaigns. Services like Google AdWords allow anybody to target consumers based on interests and keywords: if you’re set on targeting a specific local market, then all you need is a few minutes to get your campaign ready to go.

Utilise Search Engine Business Programs

Last but not least, for small businesses and brands to truly target local results effectively, it is crucial to take advantage of offerings that cater to local results. One such example is Google My Business, which allows businesses to enter all their contact information, hours, and other details directly to Google. Whenever somebody searches locally for a solution that matches your brand’s, they’ll likely be served up with a box of info that makes finding or contacting you much simpler. Claiming your GMB page is something that should be done immediately.

Reaching local audiences – whether organically or through paid means – can be done easily thanks to the flexibility offered in search results. Through the use of the four tactics mentioned above, you can build a powerful strategy that targets specific local audiences 24/7, both passively and directly.

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