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A Quick Guide on Improving Your Visibility in Google

There is no shortcut to improving your visibility in the search engines. If you want to increase your ranking for your desired keywords, you must be willing to master effective SEO tactics. It is, however, important to note that growing your visibility can take time, so you must have a little patience when embarking on various techniques.

To increase your position in the search engines results pages (SERPs), you should read the following steps on how to improve your visibility on Google.

Make Continuous Improvements

According to John Mueller, a Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, it could take many months or even a year for you to witness an impact in the SERPs following a drastic website update.

He has therefore recommended that webmasters should not sit back and wait for a sudden change to occur. Instead, they must continually improve their site, so they can continue to increase their position in the search engines.

Clean Up Your Website

Blacklisted, outdated or slow pages could be damaging your website’s rank in the search engines. To increase your position, you must clean up the pages that are impacting your credibility in Google.

Enterprise SEO services could be the solution to your problem, as they will audit your website while building white-hat backlinks to your pages, which can help your site to permanently succeed in the SERPs.

Regularly Publish Unique Content

Google places great value on original, insightful content, which is why you should routinely publish fresh, interesting articles on your website. For this reason, you should avoid regurgitating old content or attempting to repurpose another site’s blogs.

Instead, focus on writing and publishing 100% unique, high-quality articles that will grab people’s attention, which will help your site to rank higher in the SERPs. Think carefully about your industry and the different types of content users might want to read, so you can continually publish original content that will increase your traffic and reduce your bounce rate.

Make Your Content Shareable on Your Blog Pages

Making your content shareable is one of the simplest changes you can make to your website. To do so, integrate social share icons onto your blog pages, so your readers can easily share your articles on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

While social shares will not directly impact your ranking, they can increase your online visibility, which can help you to generate additional visitors while earning more inbound links. If your website is powered by WordPress, merely choose a social sharing plugin that you can easily activate on your website.

Optimize Your Images for Search

The chances are you regularly use images in your blog posts and website content, but are you effectively optimizing them? A few tweaks to your images could be enough to boost your online visibility. For instance, you simply need to title your images, write a keyword-rich description, add alt-tags and a caption. By doing so, you could index an image in Google image search, which could provide internet users with an indirect route to your website.

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