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How to Modify Your Car for Better Performance

Lots of people choose to alter their cars with the aim of improving performance.  And, you’ll probably not be surprised to know that there are a multitude of mods that you can employ.  From maximizing fuel efficiency and power to swapping your tires, we’re going to look at some of the best ways you can improve the performance of your car.  Do keep in mind that modding your car is all about making it your own, so do all of these or just one or two – the choice is yours.

1. Install a Cold Air Intake

Let’s use an analogy here.  Think of your car as an athlete running a race.  The intake on your car is the athlete breathing in.  Most cars come with a stock intake, which is designed to lower the noise levels of your car.  However, if you want to, you can replace this with a cold air intake.  They allow more air to travel through the filter, thus enabling it to reach the throttle in a shorter amount of time. What this will do is improve your fuel efficiency while also increasing your car’s horsepower.   Read more about this on tuningguru.com.

2. Install a Higher Flowing Exhaust

Following on from the analogy above, if the cold air intake is the athlete breathing in, the exhaust is the athlete breathing out.  The exhaust expels all waste products from the car, and if you modify your vehicle with a higher flowing exhaust you will significantly improve the engine’s performance.  One thing to keep in mind here is that some states do have rules relating to whether you can legally change your car’s catalytic converter, so do make sure to check with the Department of Motor Vehicles beforehand.

3. Reprogram Your ECU

Most modern cars have an engine control unit, which ensures the engine runs smoothly.  However, these always come with factory settings and these may not be suitable for a modified car.  By re-programming your car at home or taking it to a performance shop, you can change the metrics and optimize your car’s ECU for performance.  You can also improve the gas mileage!  Some higher-end programs even enable you to switch between different settings, so you can alternate your ECU depending on who you are driving with and where.

4. Swap Your Tires

Finally, one last thing to consider doing is switching the tires that came with your car for high-performance tires.  When buying a new set of tires, take the time to look at their rating.  S rated tires can usually reach speeds of around 110mph while tires rated Z are good up to around 150mph.  A good pair of performance tires will improve your car’s traction, thus improving its performance.

There are lots of different mods you can make to your vehicle, but it all depends on what you want to achieve.  Above are just four of the most popular mods, which will help to improve the performance of your vehicle on the roads.

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