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Mining the Deep Oceans: Global Resources Development

Mining in the oceans is not a new thing to people. Governments are always looking for new resources in this vast area which is basically not tapped. Previously, oil has been the main resource people have got from the deep ocean. On the other hand, shallow ocean floors are rich in sand, diamond and other resources that people mine all over.

Researchers from CORS are now developing an interest in deep ocean floors. They make a larger percent of the earth cover and are full of resources that we can think of. But how best can they come up with solutions that will enable tapping of such resources?

Common Resources Found in Deep Ocean

As mentioned earlier, the deep sea contains a lot of resources that are helpful to human beings. The experts who have been under the water to research have come up with surprisingly more than people expected.

  • Oils and gas – this is not a surprise as some countries are already mining oil from their water territories. More wells have now been sunk in the deep sea by companies that are well established. They use state of the art facilities to curb the challenges of getting oil under the ocean floors.
  • Diamond – mining of diamonds under the seabeds is also becoming popular. One company that deals with diamonds claim that there are more diamonds under the ocean than on the land. State of the art machines are used to get these mineral stones.
  • Various metal – although it is not common since the land has abundant already, some states like Papua New Guinea have discovered metals in their seabeds and experts are planning on how to mine them. Common metals found include cobalt, copper and cobalt.

Challenges Facing Experts and Solutions

This kind of mining does not come without challenges. Experts start with speculations and assumptions that there must be resources under the deep ocean. Unlike the shallow ocean floors, this comes with a bunch of challenges that they must overcome to come out with answers.

  • Lack of appropriate mining equipment – It is unfortunate that this is a big challenge facing the experts who visit the deep ocean floors to research or mine resources. They need to come up with special equipment for every occasion. The depth of water varies, the hardness of the surfaces is different and this will mean handling each identified location differently. Experts have however been building special equipment to deal with each case.
  • Marine risks – this sudden intrusion to the marine life in the deep undisturbed oceans is not so friendly. The environment regulations bodies are sensitive to how researchers and miners handle their activities. Sometimes it is difficult to meet their demands which are setbacks. For those who can, then following these simple rules will enable them to research and set up deep ocean mining bases without a challenge.


Deep ocean mining is an activity that will boost the resource base for human beings. It is a tough approach for all those who are involved. With better research, planning and coordination, experts will change the world since it is almost impossible to exhaust these resource banks.


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