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Mindful Meetings – 3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Office

With the huge range of office formats that have cropped up in Australia, businesses are finding it much easier to fit out their companies, and for reasonable prices. However, while many of these plans offer businesses a range of amenities, your business might not be maximising its leasing plan. While you want your office to be attractive to business interests and namely clients, you also need the space to be functional, as well.

Functionality goes a long way in providing businesses space that can comfortably accommodate customers but also gives them the privacy to work and hold meetings. Fortunately, the variety of formats can fit out your business’s needs. In this day and age, planning the perfect office to work and meet is actually achievable.

Keep reading for more tips on how you can maximise your office meeting space going forward.

Find Suitable Space

Of all of the priorities, finding suitable space is at the top. For example, for those companies with fewer employees, leasing a large office might not be the best use of your funding. In fact, smaller companies are opting for alternative spaces like the co-working spaces, or even better, the virtual office. These spaces allow for your business to use and reserve space, more significantly meeting space, on an as-needed basis.

Today’s leasing companies offer an array of options for businesses so that spending unnecessarily is a thing of the past. Please visit Servcorp Australia’s website at http://www.servcorp.com.au/en/meeting-rooms/ to see the diverse office plans, including conference and meeting rooms. The point is when looking for space businesses want to make sure they can get the most for their dollar and that includes finding spaces that will allow you to reserve meeting or conference rooms on an as-needed basis.

Take Inventory

One of the central tasks in planning for meeting space is taking inventory of your business’s needs and finding appropriate space. Some of the considerations central to this list relate to the type of work that will be done in the space and the number of people occupying the space. Other considerations include knowing exactly who will use the meeting rooms. For example, many spaces can accommodate both clients and staff meeting while some are only appropriate for staff meetings.

More significantly, take into consideration the various technologies that might be needed to fit out the room. Some businesses might only need standard meeting room tables and chairs while others might need to include smart technology. Figuring out the room’s purposes will go a long way in planning for your business’s needs.

Find Functional Furniture

Another important consideration is looking at furniture that is not only comfortable and attractive but pieces that are also functional as well. For example, in typical meeting rooms, businesses have the standard wood conference room table that is aesthetically pleasing, and more importantly, works for your average office environment. Professionals could reasonably gather around the table and discuss any number of topics.

However, if this group of people belonged to, let’s say, to an office of architects or graphic designers, this same setup might not be as functional. While the office meetings might run along the same lines, these professionals would benefit from meeting space that allows them to view presentations, provide valuable feedback, and interact with speakers. Meeting space furniture that can be convertible and accommodate computer technologies is more appropriate for these types of professions. The point is your meeting space should allow for comfortable interaction among participants.

Picture Perfect Meeting Space

A comfortable, functional meeting space can colour the experience of meetings. More than cushy office chairs that define corporate Australia, functional furnishings and equipment can prove to be more effective when actually holding meetings. Ultimately, planning your perfect space can culminate in more productive meetings.

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