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A Guide to Buying your first Guitar

If you are reading this, then you have made your decision about buying your first guitar. However, what you must know if that there are several types of guitars and while you may not be able to tell the differences between them all, you must have a basic understanding of the kind of guitar you are looking for. There are several forums and blogs online such as buzzharmony.com which have extensive guides about the kinds of electric guitars there are and the distinctions between them. Apart from this, there are also several blogs hosted by reputed musicians who can shed light on the guitars that may be best suited for you. Assuming that you intend to pursue learning how to play the guitar, it is critical that you pick the right and the best quality guitar that is available in the market.

Research: Whether you are buying a second guitar or your first one, it is important to do a little bit of research about the guitars available and which ones would work for you. Apart from this, it is best to have a basic understanding about each kind of guitar within the category. So, for instance, if you prefer an electric guitar, there are several models within such electric guitars that range from those for absolute beginners to professionals as well. You should ideally opt for a guitar that works for your understanding and can also help you to move to the next level. This is possible only by reading and following experts who post suggestions and comments in several forums and blogs.

Price: As far as price is concerned, it is purely an individual decision. While there are tons of guitars that fall in the lower range, any guitar enthusiast will tell you that something that is cheap may not last and will not give you the satisfaction of playing a guitar. While it is great to own the best (in terms of price) guitar in the market, it is all about the feel and what if you do not like the way it plays in a few months? It may just be a wasted investment. It is therefore ideal to go for a mid-range where you feel enthusiastic about playing and look forward to buying a better one when you seem to have mastered the art of playing.

Accessories: Its best to always buy a guitar with its own set of accessories. There are several reasons for this and the most obvious one being each model is unique. Some of the accessories that a new guitar would need is a guitar bag, a well-appointed one especially if you are taking on lessons, an electric tuner, a good-quality stand, a capo and picks. While this is not an exhaustive list, this should help you get by while you really strum along those strings and understand what you really want. With this information, you are all set to buy your first piece of guitar! Happy strumming.

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