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How Google Maps is Changing the Way We See the World

Digital technology is changing the way we experience the world in so many ways, so much so that up to 80% of our lives are now stored digitally. Most of the new technologies sit in the background, but they improve our everyday lives in more ways than ever.

Google Maps is no exception. It may have been a simple navigational app when it first started, but it is now an inseparable part of the modern lifestyle. Google Maps even goes as far as changing the way we see the world.

The World Unlocked

Google Maps’ biggest impact is its ability to unlock the world around us. Visiting an entirely new city is a lot easier today than it was a few years ago. You have a wealth of information about restaurants, places of interest, and even emergency services just a couple of taps away.

We also have the social aspect of Google Maps. Google now integrates more information into its navigation platform. Not sure where to eat in Bangkok? Search for nearby places and read reviews from others. Want to find the nearest drug store at 2 a.m.? You just have to search for it.

Google Maps doesn’t just revolutionize the way we explore the world around us. It unlocks many of the things that weren’t accessible without the app. This leads to new – and better – experiences, and this, in turn, will lead to a much better life.

Navigation Anytime

At the heart of Google Maps, we can still find its main navigational function. In fact, it is now more refined and highly improved. Google knows how to integrate the right contextual information with the Google Maps experience; it starts with the simplest things.

You can get traffic updates, information on accidents and other special events, and even travel time estimates that take into account those details. The system is learning from various sources, including from you as the user. It can, for example, identify your home and automatically suggest a route when you’re ready to go home.

The amount of time Google Maps helps to save is immense. The savings appear to be minute at first – two minutes here, five minutes there – but these savings alter the way we approach our everyday activities.

Earth and Beyond

It is also impossible to talk about Google Maps without talking about Google Earth. Google integrates satellite imaging from Google Earth into one comprehensive solution. Add Street View and indoor maps, and you have a comprehensive array of mapping information always available on your phone.

It doesn’t stop there either. According to an article by beacontranscript.com, Google introduced 18 planets and moons to its software, that you can access today. You can take a closer look at the Moon and Mars, as well as other celestial bodies; simply zoom out far enough and explore space.

Google Maps has changed so many things about our everyday lifestyle and it will continue to change many things in the future. The addition of Google Lens support and AR will soon take our Google Maps experience to an even more immersive level.

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