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Four Methods of Making Money from a Gaming Hobby

If gaming is one of your favorite hobbies, then you might have considered the possibility of turning it into a method of making an income. There are several different methods of making money from gaming, from live streaming your games to blogging about the latest releases. If you’d like to start working from home, being your own boss and earning your money from something that you love, then check out these top ways to make money from a gaming hobby.

#1. Streaming:

One of the main way in which people earn money from gaming is by live streaming their games online. One of the best ways to get started with doing this is by using livestreaming service Twitch. If your Twitch account gains enough followers and starts gaining popularity amongst the gaming community, you can earn money from placing adverts on your games or even becoming an influencer for gaming companies and giving them a mention within your stream. If people are really interested in watching your games, then you could even consider charging them to subscribe as a method of making an income.

#2. YouTube:

Many famous gamers have made a name for themselves on YouTube. Although it isn’t possible to livestream on this platform, you can record video clips of yourself gaming and then post them afterwards for anybody to watch. One of the most popular approaches that gamers on YouTube take is to edit their videos afterwards and include tips and tricks that will help other gamers get a better score. If you’re into vlogging, then you could even include gaming news, reviews, and tips on your channel.

#3. Blogging:

Gaming blogs are frequented by gamers all around the world, with sites such as Game Guide World getting a large number of visits daily from people who are hoping to get the low down on the latest in the gaming industry. If you’re always staying up to date with the latest releases and tend to buy them as soon as they’re available, then blogging about your experience with the game could help other gamers determine whether or not it’s worth the purchase. On your blog, you could make money from selling advertising space, using pay-per-click ads, or even affiliate marketing on behalf of gaming and technology companies. Since many video games, consoles and accessories are also sold on Amazon, Amazon Associates is a great place to start.

#4. Create and Sell Guides:

If your friends are always coming to you for advice when it comes to improving their score, finding Easter eggs and having a better game in general, then you might want to consider creating guides for different games and selling them. You could create either written or video guides, or even consider a combination of both for a truly in-depth insight into the particular title. You could sell your guides in the form of e-books, downloadable PDF files or pay-to-view online content.

Are you considering making a living from gaming? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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