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Arborists Do More Than Just Trim Trees

When you arrive home each day you want your day to be enhanced, even improved when you round the bend and approach your home. While the people and pets inside the home are likely what makes you smile the most, the aesthetic of your home also affects your personality. Why do you think that Marie Kondo show is so popular?

But when it comes to your home, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. The outside is just as important and can help improve your mode and even alleviate stress if it exudes a beautiful, welcoming presence.

While it was always thought that spending time in nature could improve mood, it’s known scientifically and economically proven that trees will indeed positive boost your day and add value to your property. For these and many other reasons, it’s important to leave tree care in the hands of professionals.

While you may questions whether hiring an arborist is an unnecessary expense because how hard could it really be to trim a tree, we’re here to share that there is indeed a method to tree trimming and the experts do more than just that one task.

An arborist is someone who is trained to ensure the health and splendor of your trees. This person likely has extensive training both in the field and may even have an advanced degree in a major such as horticulture, forestry, or a similar field. Just like most other jobs, this science keeps advancing and they are also up-to-date on the best methods and equipment to use to cause the least amount of harm to the new and established tree.

In fact, it takes a professional to really consider the long-term health of your trees.

Arborists Look After and Treat Your Trees

If your trees are in good health, not coming to close to your home the sidewalk or power lines, and not negatively affecting the surrounding landscape, when you call in an arborist it may look like all they did was trim your trees. But, they’re doing so much more.

They are looking for signs of disease or trauma (gashes, rot, fungi, leave spots, insects) and ensuring that it’s producing the right color leaves and fruit during the appropriate season. They know what to look for because they’ve spent years gaining the knowledge to identify when something is going awry. And when something is off, they will notify you and provide solutions to any problem that may arise.

While it may seem like they’re just stopping by to trim your trees, next season they may save your tree – and maybe even your other plants in turn.

Arborists Oversee All Work Performed

While most arborists are around and ready to get their hands dirty, they are also the one directing traffic. If, for example, they identify a tree that is at risk for falling, they will be the ones to receive consent from you to ask on the situation. Then, whether or not they are the ones actually performing the task, they will specifically instruct other members on their tree care team the exact steps that need to be taken.

Just as a manager provides tasks to his employees, an arborist is often the most educated tree care specialist on staff and will relay specialized information in order to ensure safe tree removal.

Then, once the tree is removed, the arborist will ensure that no other nearby tree is infected with the rot-causing disease and help you make an educated decision on whether or not to remove the stump in your yard.

Arborists Guide Informed Decisions

Whether you had a tree removed or just have ample space in your yard and want to add a new member to your property, an arborist is an ideal expert to ask for advice.

You may have trees in mind that are favorites, but to really understand if they will thrive on your property and if you’re up for the maintenance involved, your best bet is to first speak with an arborist.

Native trees will perform best and will usually need the least assistance as it’s becoming established on your property and over the years to come. However, some non-native ones will do just as well depending on the sunlight and water it will receive on your property.

While you could go to a garden nursery and gain great knowledge, an arborist will be able to understand how potential options will not only work in your area, but with the surrounding plant life that’s already established.

If you want to make the most informed decision about your landscape, then consulting with arborists is definitely your best option.

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