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Amazon Echo Look: New device wants to help you get dressed

If you ever wondered what it was like to have your own personal fashion guru, you don’t have to wonder much longer because Amazon announced its new Amazon Echo Look. Inspired by the success of the Amazon Echo, the company’s artificially intelligent speaker, CEO Jeff Bezos is hoping to change the way people decide what to wear.

The Echo Look is designed to help you dress fashionably by taking pictures and video when prompted and sending them to your mobile device. Once the videos and pictures have been uploaded to your device, you can use an app called Style Check to see how you look in certain outfits and to help you decide what to wear.

According to Amazon, Style Check combines machine learning acquired from fashion experts to give you personal wardrobe advice.

While there has been a lot of excitement about the Echo Look, there are some who aren’t ready to embrace the new device yet.

Critics believe there is a security risk associated with the Echo Look that can’t be ignored. People are already wary of hackers getting access to their computers and phones and getting personal information from it.

Both celebrities and non-celebrities have had private pictures and other personal information hacked and uploaded on the internet, so having a device that will constantly be taking pictures and recording videos of them in their bedrooms, then sending it to their mobile device isn’t very appealing.

Despite the potential invasion of privacy users’ face, Bezos believes the Echo Look will be a very successful product.

Bezos, who is one of the leading voices for the adoption of artificial intelligence technology, also faces criticism from some of his peers in the tech Industry as well as respected scholars.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is notoriously known for putting tape on the cover of his laptop camera, hasn’t publicly commented on the Echo Look. However, given the precaution he takes with his laptops, likely isn’t going to be ordering one soon.

Zeynep Tufekci, an associate professor at the University of North Carolina, said the pictures taken by the Echo Look can be used by Amazon’s AI algorithms to get a lot of information about users over time. Tufekci said the pictures can be used to determine if the user is clinically depressed, pregnant, or their sexual orientation. Information she said can be used against the person.

Despite the concerns raised, Amazon expects the Echo Look to be just as successful, if not more as its predecessor. The Echo Look will retail for $199.

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