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4 Educational Adavantages of Origami

Origami, which means “Ori”- folding and “Gami”- paper, is referred to as the Japanese art of paper folding. Many ancient artists had common traits in the field of art through origami. The reason behind worldwide popularity of this paper folding art is due to its simple and scientific way to create beautiful elements. Moving further to the beneficial effects of Origami it can be found that it has an inevitable role in character development. Origami is not just a fun activity, but also a method that can be used to develop valuable skills like:

Behavioral Skills:

Origami is learned through observation, and for that, the student has to observe and follow instructions. Thus, it teaches patience and focus as well as improves one’s self-esteem. Origami being an independent art itself creates a beautiful experience among the artists and students who have excelled in this. It also creates a sense of peace in the minds of the people who are fond of it. Nowadays, origami has been recognized as one of the most effective measure for making students develop their concentration level. The step by step folding process creates a sense of obedience and the behavioral development is noticed profoundly.

Cooperative Learning:

Origami tends to eliminate the barriers associated with age differences by providing an activity, which is well suited for people of various ages, where they all work together and help each other. It has been a subject of interest since a long time. Still now, the school and kindergarten authorities are obliged to include origami in their academic syllabus for art and craft. The students get their help from the elder member of the family and the barrier of age restriction gets diminished with ease. The students get a value of cooperative learning by the means of origami. You may also like to read about How To Make A Car.

Cognitive Development:

The process of folding requires following a set of steps arranged in sequential order to produce the visible pleasant results. In this way, the motor activity also helps in developing intuition. In addition, it helps children understand what space and volume mean. It is a perfect combination of mathematics and geometry as well that develops the brain of a student. From this point of view, it can be concluded that being a simple and ancient cultural heritage of Japan, origami not only develops artistic skills but also scientific development is noticed.

Multi-cultural Awareness:

Origami reflects the aesthetics and values of the Japanese. Thus, by participating students, from all walks of life, gain an appreciation for a different culture. Furthermore, they learn tolerance and develop an instinct to explore. This leads to a global unity and thus successively the cultural heritage of the Japanese gets exploration throughout the world. This brings out a social value of peace and harmony and strongly bonds different communities over the world, which leads to globalization in future.

This is an activity, which teaches the values of cooperation, patience and focuses all in one go. All the while, the person is sitting rooted in one spot. Origami, is the simplest way of creating a vast knowledge in the field of art and creativity deep in the core of mind of a student. Developing the skills, it enlightens the world of people and completes the character of a person.

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