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2020 Trends That Will Shape The Future of Cryptocurrency

Today, the market of cryptocurrency is full of volatility and conjecture. The conjecture in the cryptocurrency prices is full of wonders and fortunately, cryptocurrencies can endure because of its potential. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is built up of a distinct set of people which can be classified largely into crypto traders, crypto investors, miners, etc.

The crypto market of 2020 is sure to observe some significant advancements that will take the business to the more innovative heights. Based on several investigation reports, here are some of the trends that you may witness in this 2020.

Halving of Bitcoin

The halving of Bitcoin in May 2020, is going to be one of the most notable crypto events. The measure of Bitcoins that are compensated to a miner for prosperous block mining will be decreased to half. That indicates, what used to be 12.5 will may now be 6.25. 

This is not the first time that the halving will occur. It has previously happened twice and both the times it had a meaningful impact on the overall business. Experts at Relayed says that halving is being done to maintain the Bitcoins supply as it approached the point of fullness, with no more mineable Bitcoins. This means it will either make the world’s first cryptocurrency a unique and relevant asset or the price can be reduced by the origin of new coins.

Decentralized trading of digital assets will increase

Blockchains with the ability to trade digital assets and decentralized applications with related ability will also create a new scenario this year. Centralized trading of digital assets is filled with risks and the thought behind the trading of decentralized assets will expand in popularity. This is due to all the difficulties that centralized trading has led to the crypto space. From administrative matters to scam, safety to constitutional matters, decentralized trading is continuing to expand over this year. Also,  it will convert as one of the main ways through which digital assets are going to be replaced.

Apart from this, it will also provide the crypto space with another way out of centralized control, which has been one of the major reasons for the lack of extension of projects.

Ethereum 2.0

Another trend that can shape the future of cryptocurrency is Ethereum 2.0. In a report, it has been found that Ethereum 2.0 has entered into its final stage of testing. It is expected that a partial launch could be seen in 2020.


People from all around the world generally do not invest in crypto because of its price fluctuations. That’s the reason stable coins are introduced, it is seen that they would be backed by fiat or other assets that prevent fluctuations of value.

While the cryptocurrency landscape remains still nascent, there are a lot of interesting developments. The rise of stable coins, the halving of bitcoin, introduction to Ethereum 2.0, and an increase in the decentralized trading of digital assets are some trends to watch out for.

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