SMEs are usually stretched financially. Trying to find the money for all departments that need funding while still growing and remaining profitable is a challenge that CEOs regularly face at organizations of this size. Not all the reasons to have IT support available are obvious right away. To provide some


How do companies use the stock market to raise money? It's a question that comes up, even among seasoned traders who buy and sell shares on a daily basis. When you decide to sell your XYZ stock to another buyer, the company, the fictitious XYZ in this case, receives no


Suppose you are opening a restaurant or you already have one. In that case, you are probably thinking about how to advertise yourself to stand out. Although there are many ways to promote yourself, some proved to be most successful in the past. With trends changing rapidly, it is challenging to


Who is a day trader? Day traders are a specific kind of stock traders with various skills and aids that make them able to take advantage of small and sometimes massive fluctuations in price movement of currencies and liquid stocks all within a single trading day. Unlike other kinds of stock traders